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22:29Anthony Smith: 'I don't give a f*** anymore about the disrespect'
3:14UFC Vegas 37: Anthony Smith vs. Ryan Spann Tense Final Face Offs
4:37UFC Vegas 37: Official Weigh-Ins
UFC Vegas 37: Official Weigh-Insπροβολές 11KΠριν 17 ώρες
9:48Anderson Silva vs. Tito Ortiz  Final Face Offs
Anderson Silva vs. Tito Ortiz Final Face Offsπροβολές 69KΠριν 7 ημέρες
3:48Anderson Silva refuses to break eye contact with Tito Ortiz at face off
6:14Derek Brunson reacts to beating Darren Till: “I feel bad for Till”
8:02Tom Aspinall cries after winning $50,000 bonus for Sergey Spivak finish
4:19UFC Vegas 36: Official Weigh-Ins Main Card
UFC Vegas 36: Official Weigh-Ins Main Cardπροβολές 42KΠριν 14 ημέρες
1:46Paddy Pimblett makes weight ahead of UFC debut at UFC Vegas 36
Paddy Pimblett makes weight ahead of UFC debut at UFC Vegas 36προβολές 125KΠριν 14 ημέρες


  • Most underrated attitude about fighting and life in general, he is like a monk that can flip the switch to an absolute savage.

  • Max beat you last time, and uncle Dana White gave you the belt..

  • Lawler going to get his revenge.

  • I love both these fighters. Going to be interesting seeing Nick back in the game.

  • Pay the fighters you 🤡!!!

  • Back again is the limited vocabulary of Mr. the extent of my vocabulary is fuc….limited

  • another bitch move by Diaz.. not surprising.. why he didnt he just pick a middleweight to fight.. khamzat is asking for it or darren till

  • He trying to say woman cant be thr ?

  • Great to see support for mental illness

  • AC/DC 🥰🥰

  • Cmon Brian you fight better when your bald

  • Volkanovski going to smash him, and then Max's is going to get the little emperor. Honestly Max was supposed to be here against Ortega. I don't know why they fucked Max up with that referee's victory for Volkan😶✌️. This guy's a little T-bich😂

  • I hope it’s not a fake fight

  • Both these guys are warriors. I hate to see either one loose. Both are great for the fight game.

  • Dana talks smack on showtime but yet he has fighter that are discipline enough to make weight. He knows Robbie will take the fight so he can have his pay per view.

  • my uncle is a frogman and he is just like robbie lawler when talking

  • Well spoken and well trained. Bad man right here.

  • These mma reporters are garbage. They ask the same stupid $hit regardless if they know the is irritated. Glad Dana lets them know any chance he gets

  • The reporter who asked what Robbie's career means now that GSP will be inducted in the Hall of Fame-should actually go ask himself what his journalism career means now that Ariel Helwani is worth 8 million USD and was granted dual Canadian-US citizenship. What a gossipy, insensitive, unthinking reporter.

  • I bet Dana sits around all the time and daydreams about ,....."🥺I wish all my fighters were this easy to deal with. He has never complained about money or his contract. Brings tears to my eyes." You know he does.🤣🤣🤣

  • Bald like McGregor in his 2nd porier fight, porier in the first Conor fight, ortega is the only one to go bald and dominate.

  • Max got robbed of that last fight but man i do like Volk

  • The Balmain shirt killed me..................nice coiffure Volk!

  • Got Robbie by k.o forst round, 100% sure

  • Am I the only one that agrees with Volk in that every time I see Ortega I feel like he’s trying to be the person people want him to be rather than being himself.

  • Cool, collected, relaxed, strong as a beast. I think Robbie is gonna beat Nick.

  • You know what I mean?

  • Cool guy, couldve get 20% of nicks purse by saying no to change it but the man is cool and didnt bitch about it. He knows what the fans wants and its good. This is for me the real mainevent. Two legends

  • Robbie a gangster!

  • All you can see is Conor McGregor T Shirts 👕 LOL 😂 .

  • If you are always early you are never late. Lets go VOLK

  • ayye big up the gong mate

  • Volko is going to beat the brakes off Ortega

  • Volk went from me not really caring about him... 2 liking him in this convo. Lol I've been hard at work since I was 21..after the whole attacking Zombies popstar friend by Brian.. its time for Volk to punt Ortegas head lol

  • I can respect him for this interview, very respectful calm easy to talk to as a reporter. I still want nick to win but gl to the man!!

  • Who was cut open?

  • Dana White is a complete dork...always has been...always will...foul mouthed...always belittles others....boring...complete waste of skin.

  • you can feel the fakeness in this guy..

  • I like Ortega but he got no chance

  • Get this man a direct hearing piece

  • Max embarrassing him.....truly helped his process.....damn shame "Blessed" was robbed....would have been nice to see that rematch.

  • The more I watch the more Corny he comes off.. I think I side with Volkanoski on this one, dooshie

  • The more I watch the more Corny he comes off.. I think I side with Volkanoski on this one, dooshie

  • Alex "you know what I mean" Volkanovski ... would like to see him in one of those "Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels" type of movies one day ... Stoppage in 4th!

  • Comes out and spear tackles T city.

  • I can't take Alex serious.. he just reminds of real life Kano

  • Daddy day day upset he losing greenies!

  • Alex has 2 robbed victories against Max.. still won’t respect him when he beats Ortega, would be hilarious if he even lost. Would be dope to see Ortega ask for Max if he wins

  • What it all boils down to, A fight will happen and he is ready to go… No need for any drama Just ready for war

  • sounds like a cry baby

  • If I was these guys I’d say fuck you and not fight for these tyrants.

  • It is what it is that's when you know a man don't care and he's been through some stuff!

  • It is what it is. But sell your fight

  • Let's go back to the days when fighters were gentlemanly and just wanted to duke it out.

  • He would be ok to fight francis. Robbie is a warrior

  • Nick Diaz is the dark and creepy type of crazy Robbie Lawler is the childish slap happy type of crazy

  • Dana reminiscing jones and Cormier 💀

  • I used to find Volkanovski boring but he has really grown on me, I think he has opened up to the media and lets his personality really shine

  • *Huge Fan Of Both Fighters For A Long Time... But What Nick Did Was Pathetic... You Can't Claim To Be This Endurance Buff And Great Shape Athlete Then You Pull This Crap Less Than A Wk Before The Fight*

  • This man does not age yall, but then again Diaz did that night Dew

  • After hearing about him that he is "starting to play the chess game better now" I lost all confidence in him winning a decision. Volk wins because of his next level fighter IQ and knowing how to win rounds. Ortega is going to have to finish this point fighter.

  • They need to make an epic David and Goliath movie

  • I feel like it !

  • Too bad no one asked him the following: as someone who fought 5 matches at 170 at one point of his career and won them all !!, does he see himself going up to 155 to challenge the champion ?

  • Super Nice guy

  • @7:34 for fucks sake shut up kevin iole🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ its a damn joke, dude always takes things so literal

  • The Sunday Market Meat Eating Mexican Superstar Cashcow

  • Nice to see Alex fighting someone else other than max

  • Wow, what a wholesome dude.

  • 4:05 “Alright I showed Up Late, Relax” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Boring interview

  • Who is the journalist who asked the second question?

  • Robbie did an amazing job not comparing and remember when’s.

  • He does seem fake .. just saying how I see it ..

  • What ridiculous questions from some of those retard journalists, well done robo

  • Dude is such a fucking professional.

  • Ortega for the w

  • So. KO in sparring or premeditated? What yall thinkin?